You’ve got to love African fashion

You’ve got to love African fashion

Who doesn’t love and adore bright colors and flamboyant textures we see in African fashion designs? Fashion can be so conservative at times but the vibrant continent of Africa gives the best example of how to turn fashion into a positive statement.


The beautiful great continent must be so proud of its African fashion industry and in particular the incredible growth its had the last 5 years.

Rihanna - Amazing AfricaWe see celebrities such as Rihanna wearing African fashion prints but not only that, we’re seeing more and more independent designers getting their place in the market. Africa keeps innovating, Africa keeps designing and Africa is a proud great nation. On Zuvaa, a website showcasing African textile designs, we see how much the fashion industry has grown and changed. African fashion textiles which were originally used for traditional African pieces such as the Iro and Buba, are now being used in combination with western designs such as maxi skirts and dresses.

On top of this a number of Caucasian celebrities have also been caught donning African prints and I mist say, with a bit of careful color selection African fashion designs work well on both dark and light skins.

Gwen Stefani - Amazing Africa - Planetfem.comThe designers exposed on Zuvaa come from all over the world. Some offer casual pieces whilst other are design couture. In either way, there is plenty of choice and room for inspiration. We’re in love with that Africa continues to offer and look forward to even more innovation on all levels.

Go Africa!!

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