Yemi Alade Brings Afro-Pop To The World!

Yemi Alade Brings Afro-Pop To The World!

Nigeria’s most successful female artist Yemi Alade has just hit 16million views with her first single on Vevo/Youtube despite it only being released in late 2014. Not bad for a 24-year-old talent contestant! 

Yemi is being feted as Nigeria’s ‘Dance Queen’ of Afro-pop, largely thanks to winning Nigeria’s Peak Talent Show in 2009, but mainly her success is down to her unforgettable catchy debut single, ‘Johnny’ and which every Afropop fan new or old has been singing or humming for the past six months.

The humorous song tells the story of love rat, ‘Johnny’, played by Alex Ekubo in the critically acclaimed video. Johnny is being interviewed in his local town for his bad behaviour as four love interests – Yemi included – dance for his affections.

Yemi’s debut album, King of Queens hit the market in October 2014 making her one of Nigeria’s biggest breakthrough artists of 2014 with songs like, Looking At Me, Kissing, Why, Pose, Duro Timi and Catch You.  But it is Johnny which has dominated the singles charts across Africa, taking Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda and even Zimbabwe’s charts by storm. The song is being played on radio and in clubs across the UK and was touted to be nominated for the Mobo Awards last year.

Being half Yoruba and half Igbo, Yemi straddles the two main cultures in Nigeria with her modern, bright and funky Afropop. She told MTV Wrap Up’s Mobolaji about the making of the hilarious video for the track (which you can watch below.).

It’s a well-known fact among my team members that I don’t’ like to record at night, but ‘Johnny’ was actually recorded at midnight with Selebobo, the producer who I had just met for the first time. The funniest thing is that after the recording session we still had no idea we had a golden egg in our hands.”

Of her latest album, Yemi says,

“The word “King” in King Of Queens (title) goes beyond royalty. It signifies the attitude – especially in a male dominated society – that only the strong survive.

Yemi is young, gorgeous and very talented – look out Rihanna and Beyonce – we can expect big things from Nigeria’s golden girl in the future.

Check out Yemi’s video for ‘Johnny’ here. We dare you to sit through it without singing, humming or dancing!

source: MTV The Wrap

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