‘We Are Africa’ Fashion Show, South Africa

‘We Are Africa’ Fashion Show, South Africa

South Africa staged a fabulous fashion show on Wednesday night, proving yet again that African designers are a forced to reckoned with in the fashion world.

The ‘We Are Africa’ fashion show took place in Johnannesburg on Wednesday night at the Museum of African Design and according to the press, emerging couturier David Tlale stole the limelight with his gothic womens collection.

South African couturier David received with astounding applause as his dramatic collection featuring a mystique all-black motif walked. David is having an amazing year after being selected to represent south Africa at the New York Fashion Show for the sixth time and following his successful Mercedes Benz catwalk show, the We Are Africa show back in his home country blew up his people with pride.

Fabulous Mozambican designer, Taibo Bacar showcased yet another impressive collection, featuring earthy neutral hues, edgy cuts and linear prints, whilst local South African designer Abigail Betz, who nervously told Sowetan Live before the show started that she was only approached to showcase a little over a week before, however, the tight deadline must have worked in her favour as the Sowetan reported her collection, based on modern romanticism  featuring bridal whites, ladylike silhouettes and ethereal floral embroidery, ‘dazzled’.

Finally, Maxhosa by Laduma’s men’s and womenswear collections featuring geometric prints and winter knitwear walked down the stage evoking an eruption of cheers from the audience.

According to the Sowetan Live, other designers showcasing at the extravagant event celebrated style, design and heritage of the great African continent reminding us how proud we all should be to be Africans were, Rwanda’s Mille Collines, Senegal’s Sophie Zinga, Ghana’s Duaba Serwa, Kenya’s Kiko Romeo, Niger’s Alphadi, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Tina Lobondi and Uganda’s Arapapa by Santa Anzo. When it comes to fashion, this continent’s couturiers are fast setting their own bars and leaving the rest of the world trailing behind. We Are Africa indeed, catch us if you can.

photo source: Sowetan Live

story source: Sowetan Live

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