Tunisia: Find John and Janet Stocker

Tunisia: Find John and Janet Stocker

Tunisia tragedy: Eight Britons are confirmed to have died in yesterday’s terror attacks, although the number is, devastatingly, expected to significantly rise. Desperate relatives have used the media today to appeal for news of missing loved ones and this is an appeal for one very special British couple who have been missing since it happened.

John and Janet Stocker

The much loved and very much missed couple are from Crawley, Surrey. But like all the victims and the missing people, they are more than a couple: they are parents, grandparents, friends and they are very, very needed back home in the UK.

Sam Stocker, their grandson, has launched a media appeal to find his grandparents and has spoken to media outlets. The campaign has since spread across social media with the hashtags #FindJohnStocker and findjohnandjanetstocker which have been trending on Twitter all day.

Sam tweeted earlier: If you’re in #Tunisia #ImperialMaharba and you’ve seen this man, please let me know he’s safe. #FindJohnStocker

The family are desperately worried as they have not heard from them at all in the past few days since the attack. The British Embassy has informed them they do not have the couple’s names and as such they are listed as ‘missing’. As yet there has been no contact or information about them whatsoever. We need to find anyone who has seen them, was in the hotel with them or might know something – anything- about where they are or could possibly be.

As you can imagine, this family, like the many other family’s suffering through this unimaginable hell. Please, if you have any information, if you know of their whereabouts or what has happened to them, please, please contact the UK Foreign Office helpline on 00 44 207 008 0000 or email louisa@planetfem.com.

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