Transgender Johanna Londinium @ F.U.S.E London Fashion Week

Transgender Johanna Londinium @ F.U.S.E London Fashion Week

Transgender female model Johanna Londinium opened the London Fashion Week F.U.S.E show on Sunday night and blew the audience away with her elegance.

Guests to the star-studded event at the Montcalm Hotel in Mayfair included Tottenham Hotspurs football stars, the successful X Factor boy band Rough Copy Oritse, blogger Xenia Tchoumi and Oritse, a former JLS member. The show was also filmed exclusively by Fashion TV, which reaches over 875 million viewers worldwide.

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The international press fervently snapped away as Johanna took the lead, strutting down the catwalk, owning it, bringing the artwork of the talented body painter Bobbi Bicker to life. She modelled some gorgeous accessories for designer L&E  London, but quite frankly we were mesmerised more with her beauty and elegance.

Of her walk and inclusion in the LFW show, Johanna said, “I am very flattered am proud to have been given the opportunity to do this. I think this is an amazing platform for me to represent myself and the transgendered community to a massive audience. I am very happy to be part of the LFW F.U.S.E. show.”
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The F.U.S.E show combined featured SS16 collections of haute couture and ready-to-wear designs from international designers including Michaela Frankova, Fay Shafai, Nicole Veronique, and fashion brands including Daivor by Daisy Vorm, L&E London and Liquorish.
What was more delightful was the reception the audience gave Johanna. Planetfem was encouraged to note that some guests had no clue Johanna was transgender – oohs and aahs at her beauty were prevalent. The  fashion industry is notorious for being an exclusive and perfection-demanding industry. The F.U.S.E show featured a perfect blend of the most beautiful, elegant models from all backgrounds and the audience and cameras loved them.

After the show, Johanna professed her excitement participating in the successful show, “ I am super happy to have had the opportunity to represent the transgendered community on a bigger platform, to a bigger audience. The only way people are educated is by exposure and if me putting myself out there more is exposing people to the unfamiliar it can only be a good thing for me and the community I represent.” Johanna explained how the public transitioning of Caitlyn Jenner helped her and the international transgender community; “…the media attention has been great for my community. She handled her transition really well while educating her audience with genuine emotion in a tasteful and sensitive way. ”

Johanna is a nineties baby and says she was inspired to grace our catwalks by the supermodels of the time, their beautiful aesthetic and confidence. “As someone like me, who was starting the transgendered journey that has led to me being the woman I am today, having these kinds of women was extremely aspirational for me. Women are the deal, in my opinion. In the words of Beyoncé, ‘Who run the world? Girls!’”

Most of Johanna’s modelling work has been as a female model with no reference to her transgender journey – something she should be proud of. Johanna, you’ve finally arrived at your dream destination and Planetfem Fashion welcomes you with open arms!

photo source: Bellan Events/Author’s own

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