Tights For Darker Skin Tones

Tights For Darker Skin Tones

Now the winter months are here ladies, what to do with our gorgeous legs becomes a big question, especially for darker skin tones. While we all love thick, silk, black, opaque or heavy knit tights in the winter, if you are prone to dry skin or even skin conditions, covering your legs for up to 12 hours a day in woollens can make it worse. We found a brand which offers the perfect tights for darker skin tones.

Tights can be a gorgeous accessory in the winter months, allowing you to wear short skirts and dresses – even shorts- in the winter without freezing your barnacles off! Thick dark tights in the winter allow you to show off block colours or gorgeous, busy patterned materials or your zebra-print shoes without killing the pattern or diverting attention. And really, who goes bare-legged in the winter months apart from sixteen-year-old school girls trying to pull that boy/girl they fancy with their goose-pimply legs?


So, while some women can get away with wearing thick woolly tights all winter without a snow storm occurring when they finally peel them off (not so sexy in company!), Nubian Skin hosiery is perfect for darker skin tones for many reasons, not least because you get to bus’ that natural, no-tights-my-leg-are-always-this-silky look in the winter, but also because their tights allow your skin to breathe.

Nubian Skin hosiery – like their lingerie – comes in four tones. The darkest shade is (The Darker the) Berry, for black women who wear MAC NW50 or Bobbi Brown Espresso foundation. Next, is (Sweet, Sweet) Cinnamon Buns for women who use MAC’s NW45/47 foundation or the Warm Walnut shade in Bobbi Brown. The third skin tone is (Golden) Caramel for MAC users who turn to the Matchmaster 7 for full coverage or Bobbi Brown’s Golden foundation. As for the fourth is Cafe Au Lait – made for women who have more parts cream than coffee, this colour is ideal for those who wear Bobbi Brown’s Warm Honey foundation or Lancome’s 06 Beige Cannelle.

Nubian Skin delivers worldwide and are now available from House of Fraser and ASOS as well as online.

photo  credit: Nubian Skin 

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