African Design Magazine Heralds Innovation

African Design Magazine Heralds Innovation

Africa has a rich, extensive history of craft design and art, and a new online magazine aims to source, create and give platform to the latest in design innovations from across the continent.

The magazine provides designers of all faiths, from architecture, construction, artists, fabric designers, graphic designers, industrial, manufacturing to sculptors, a platform to publicise their work and projects. Its primary focus is to deliver expert, fresh and relevent content to the continent’s design professionals.

The online magazine brings out a new issue each month. September’s issue, they feature 10 projects from Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, France, India, Dubai and the USA. The magazine looks at Retail Design in-depth, examine the trends in painting while profiling architects and artists and the latest African construction news. 

Through its live interactive platforms, the magazine wants to encourage readers and advertisers to network and actively engage in insightful conversation on aspects of African architecture and design’s bold project solutions.
Last month’s issue featured a fantastic sustainability project in Cape Townh using rectangular steel baskets – or gabions, as they’re called – which are to be filled with recyclable materials, such as plastic waste from the Atlantic Ocean, collected at Cape Town’s beaches. The gabions are then layered like bricks, interconnected like a lego to form an object tower. An accompanying workshop and exhibition  will show how such waste resources could be used as low-cost construction materials. The gabion house, being a design object and work of art, will contain technical Innovations and architectural features such as shade provision and natural air conditioning. Instead of burying or burning the materials use it to house the 600 million homeless people worldwide. Genius. So why isn’t it being done?
Subscription to African Design Magazine is free and you can download the latest copy, here.  Check out their Facebook page, here.

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