New Music: One To Watch – Sonya Teclai

New Music: One To Watch – Sonya Teclai

The silky tone and caribou-sweet notes of R&B/Hip-Hop artist and poet, Sonya Teclai will have you feeling as “Detached” as she feels in the song of the same name taken from her album VP (Veridical Paradox) which came out in 2013.

Eritrean-Egyptian Teclai drools silk like Sade, lays funk like Janet Jackson but with this teeeeasing hint of the electro grooves of that funk-emcee-songwriter Prince. But this Cali-girl is as street-smart as her thought-provoking lyrics allude to and Lauryn Hill, be warned – she can spit just as fiercely as you too and this girl spits poetry.

“Hurt Me” is a laid-back R&B track which leads one’s thoughts to Ella, to Billy, to smoky bars and spilt heartbreak on in a downtown bar.

Teclai also performs with Phife Dawg as half of hip-hop duo OZ. Her latest single, “Own” was produced by up and coming Las Vegas producer DeAira and is as fierce has the girl herself. Keep an eye on this one, she hot!

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