Must Haves: Burnt Roses Earrings By Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry

Must Haves: Burnt Roses Earrings By Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry

Check out these must-have earrings by Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry, a Brooklyn-based line we stumbled across on Facebook.

Called ‘Burnt Roses’, they are designed and handmade by Kodwo Tehinonviji Nwala and form part of his wonderful collection of handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets available from Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry online. Made from copper, ‘Burnt Roses’ are one of Kodwo’s oldest designs and a bestseller though he says he likes to keep them fairly exclusive and we can see why! Kodwo told us he uses his own unique folding technique to make them and finishes with fire to hone that delicious fire-rainbow colouration that brings to mind a sunset on the plains of Africa.

Brass necklace with brass chain...

Kem’s Fan – brass necklace on a brass chain $150

Kodwo’s designs are made from brass, silver, gold copper and oxidized copper. Some are made free-form making each piece unique and he says his inspiration for the designs comes from a multitude of places.

“Mostly I’m people watcher, Kodwo shared with Planetfem. “A lot of times (I’m) checking out things other than their jewelry. Just watching various adorning styles of people…but I’m influenced by ancient art and fashion… mostly of African culture but not limited to it.”

Kodwo began his artistic jewellery business after being introduced to jewellery making, stringing gemstones on in Puerto Rico sixteen years ago during an expedition which followed the route his ancestors would have travelled from Africa to the Americas as enslaved Africans, backwards.

The life-changing journey took him through the islands of Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Brazil. The name of his business ‘Anu’ is inspired by the first civilisation of African people known to use metal and crystal for technology. The Anu are said to originate in Ta Mare (Kemet) but their bones have been found at many ancient sites worldwide such as Stone Henge.

His list of clients include Peppa, Kanye Wests mother, Beyoncé’s mother, Kim Cole, Mary J, Rihanna, Ellis Ross, Foxy Brown, and Freedom Williams (Ce & Ce Music Factory) to name a few… and Planetfem is now definitely one of his fans too!

Check out the website here. Anu will also be exhibiting his collection at the Exotique Boutique and Gallery on 13 June, 319 West Main st, Durham, NC 27701.

Photo credit: Anu Rock and Metal Jewellery/Nkrumah Jennings own.

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