Must Haves: Bantu Wax

Must Haves: Bantu Wax

God, we love that Bantu Wax swagger! Check out this sweatshirt – the epitome of Bantu wave cool. African colours, surf wave chic. Men, you’ll look sexy in this sustainable swag!

BANTU WAX is a label Made In Africa, the continent where more than half the population is under 20 years of age, made by Africans who are literally, the future of world. Uberness. Yes, wear punked up beach funk.

The label claim their designs are serene yet chaotic – an’ we say, true dat, view this sweatshirt – the serenity of the dark, simple block colours, yet the chaotic, jumbled print which go-crazy-on-the-eye, bringing ancient meaning to new world chic.

Bantu Wax has been inspired by Africa’s transition from Dark Continent to Bearer of Light, essentially it is a brand which makes clothes for the mermen and women of the sea – surfer dudes and chics and anyone who FEELS those tales of the mermaid goddess of oceans Mami Wata, and, nurtures that run deep passion for the beach and for surfing the waves. According to their website, Bantu was created by merging the rich history of African art and textiles with Africa’s deeply rooted surf culture.Bantu uses traditional processes and works exclusively with local vendors and artisans in Africa to make quality products that are functional and authentic for surfers, urban nomads and afro-punks.

The label used uses traditional manufacturing processes and works only with local vendors and artisans across the African continent to make their quality products which they claim are ‘functional and authentic for surfers, urban nomads and afro-punks.’

                       wearing  BANTU LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, unisex made in Ethiopia                                   with 100% Ethiopian cotton $64.00

photo credit: Bantu Wax



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