Must Haves: 70s Tassel Scarf@ Luvinurstyle

Must Haves: 70s Tassel Scarf@ Luvinurstyle

If we’ve learned one thing from the preview SS15 catwalk shows, it’s that 70’s sassy chic should be the tagline to your summer fashion. Burnt oranges, pale baby blues and caramel browns and this gorgeous 70’s style Scarf we spotted on a brand new fashion site Luvinurstyle, should be the funky/sexy signature accessory piece of that entire summer wardrobe.

Beautifully designed and made (surprisingly) from 100% Polyester, by Miss Shorthair, a small Glaswegian urban vintage scarf company, it’s the draping piece you can wear with anything. Bust it out with your crocheted halterneck dress, clash it up with an Ankara print corset top and jeans, doll up a little black number or, if you’re a festival chick, kitsch up your festival chic. This scarf will keep the breeze off the back of your neck while keeping all eyes on you! Come the evening, unwrap it into the ultimate showpiece accessory, be it around the neck elegantly, slung low around the waist and tied at the side or even – as your Planetfem writer likes to bust it – around your head as the ultimate 70s chic headwrap!

After finding Luvinurstyle  on Facebook, we’ve decided it is a definite bookmark for the Planetfem team and if you like to keep your perfectly manicured mint green (trust us, it’s THE colour of the summer) fingers on the pulse of cutting, bang on point fashion trends, you’d better bookmark this baby too! Quite clearly, Luvinurstyle are a new online fashion boutique catering for those who want to wear the designer looks but not have to fork out those ridiculous designer prices. The site is spilling at the seams with sexy, clever fashion ideas, has it’s own little shop of beautiful bargains (where we found this scarf – only £9.99, by the way!), cuter-than-a-newborn-kitten accessories and rare fashion finds, people will truly be luvinurstyle once you become acquainted!

photo credit: Luvinurstyle

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