Must Haves: 2015’s Flare Skirt

Must Haves: 2015’s Flare Skirt

The flare skirt has been trending for most of the year, with its spring, summer and autumnal prints and designs. This is one fashion look that is so versatile it can be worn for just about any occasion – that’s why it’s one of our favourite must haves for 2015!

Almost every fashion house has showcased their interpretation of this versatile skirt. Whether it’s flirty, sporty, professional or glam, the flare skirt can be rocked any way you see fit! The key with such a skirt is to make sure you get the perfect size for your body – and booty – shape. The high waist covers a multitude of sins but you should also make sure the high-waisted band isn’t too tight. Combine this elegant skirt with a pair of high heels and any leg shape will look hot to trot. Team up with sassy tights or leggings and you’re immediately an individual – a fashionista to be followed and admired! We love the print below teamed with the clashing polka dot shirt. The below the knee length means you are covering up yet how sexy does she look!

Pointy stilettos, flats, converse, even boots – this skirt will match pretty much any footwear. Pair a longer- flared skirt with a scooped neck like below, or a shorter skirt with a long-sleeved shirt or even a turtleneck in the coming winter months. Off-shoulder tops look banging with any length of skirt. Accessorize your skirts with chunky belts, though equally the high-waisted band is an accessory in itself. The beauty of this look is it can be so elegant, respectful and sexy, you can wear it almost anywhere from work to church, on a date, or shopping with your bestie.

But the best thing about this look is obvious. The pulled in waist and flow of the skirt gives the illusion or accentuates your waistline. You don’t need to be a skinny minny, just accentuate what you already have. It’s not the size of your waist that matters – it’s the fact you are a woman and you HAVE one that you want to celebrate!


Flare Style 4

photo credit: Madivas/ Etsy

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