Must Have: Pawn Future Kings

Must Have: Pawn Future Kings

Check out this must have men’s tee from new UK urban menswear brand, Pawn Future Kings.

We love this tee – Pawn Future Kings African dot constructed using a soft polyester fabric with full sublimation of African dot graphics across the front and the back. The arms are constructed using cotton jersey in a regular fit. This is one sexy, stylish tee and as they say on the website, perfect for wearing in a club, at the weekends, chilling – wherever. We say YES to this tee. And a proper bargain at only £

Pawn Future King is a UK men’s brand with an individual touch. Their designs are a fusion of the classic American streetwear scene of the 80’s/90’s and an international cultural flavour- hence the traditional African tribal dots which are reminiscent  of the tribal face markings worn by the Xhosa peoples of South Africa.

The brand says it encompasses progression in life, representing the person on ground level with aspirations to be at the top of their game.  Their pawn fist logo symbolises empowerment, struggle and power to the people. They believe that despite society trying to control us, their designs promote following your dreams and freedom.

What’s not to respect about a brand that swears by its integrity and which can also make classic streetwear look cool enough to be worn on any colour skin, at any age!

Nathan from Geordie Shore rocking some Pawn Future Kings

Check out their Pawn T-shirts, hip hop style Sweatshirts, urban streetwear Racer vests, Pawn Basketball Vests and Pawn Snapback hats, Pawn Headwear, Joggers, Hoodies, Jackets and Jeans too.

Like they also say on their website, YOUR THOUGHTS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD YOUR ACTIONS WILL DEFINE IT…’ And if Pawn Future Kings want to promote such positive vibes, we’ll be glad to help them do it! Fashion with Conscience rocks!

photo credit: Pawn Future Kings

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