Mama Africa Designs Kickstarted!

Mama Africa Designs Kickstarted!

 Thanks to Kickstarter, the African proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ should be adapted to, ‘It takes a global community to raise a dream’. The crowdfunding website brings alive the dreams, business or creative ideas of many- some of which may have stayed dreams without the donations from strangers right across the world. Thanks to this type of funding, the world has become a more diverse and interesting place to live. Mama Africa Designs was one such dream made real.

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, mothers and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been able to acquire materials and resources to create work opportunities in order to support their families. The grassroots organisation based in Bukavu, DRC also helps displaced women from the war-torn eastern provinces by supplying education, and the opportunity to work full time sewing unique, artisan, fashion and accessories. The designs are gorgeous, bright and once you see them, you’ll have to sit on your hands to stop yourself buying them all!

The organisation’s mission is to also provide ‘healing arts’ programs for communities, empowering the women to support not only their families, but their local communities too, and bridging divides in the process. This holistic approach focuses on garnering long-lasting relationships to ensure the success of communities of the future. What an inspirational idea.

The ‘mama’ artisans work forty hours a week crafting the unique Mamafrica products, which are now available for sale at select locations worldwide and online through their website, their products are sold through the Fairtrade Federation scheme which enables workers worldwide to receive fair pay and working standards for the goods they supply, whilst respecting cultural identity and encouraging good, accountable business practices.  Mama Africa is is amazing – support them by donating or even holding a Mama Africa party – check out the details on their website here.

photo credit: Mamafrica

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