Make Your Own Chamomile and Vitamin E Shea Butter!

Make Your Own Chamomile and Vitamin E Shea Butter!

Darker skin tones can often suffer from dryness, especially if you live in a hot or  dry country. England is by no means a hot country but the climate can be dry, despite the rain! Pharmaceutical creams often end up drying the skin out further. So, who better than to turn to Mother Nature for help? Try my chamomile and vitamin E Shea butter!

For those who don’t know, raw African shea butter can be bought in most African food shops. It comes in a plastic food bag, having been ground and bagged by locals in whatever country it has come from (usually Ghana or Nigeria). It may feel hard and come in a lump, yet if you break off a piece and rub it in the palm of your hands or heat it, it will melt into a luxurious rich, natural oil that your skin will drink until its sated and glowing again.

For my homemade cream, put some shea butter into a pot on the stove with some 100% natural coconut oil.  In a separate pot, mix some almond oil and some vitamin E oil. You can swap these for any oil you prefer, but I use vitamin E oil because it has wonderful skin-loving properties, as does almond oil.

Add some chamomile teabags or loose herbs in a cheesecloth or in the foot of an old pair of tights to the oil mix. The herbs can be bought from the health food shop or even the supermarket in teabag form! you’ve probably got some in your cupboard already! Put the mixture on a very low heat. Let it simmer to infuse the natural properties of the chamomile within the oil mixture. Stir occasionally and simmer for around 1 hour.

Strain the tea leaves and pour the wonderful smelling oil into a pot to cool down. Once it is cool, mix it into the melted shea butter and coconut oil. Then, if you would like to, add some drops of any essence you wish to, or if you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin, add some aloe vera gel into the mix. Mix well and put into a large jar then freeze until it solidifies and you can use this as your daily cream and marvel at the silky smoothness of your skin! Who needs those expensive brands when you have control of nature’s kitchen!

photo credit: 123 Beauty Solution

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