Jumpstart Africa: Crowdfunding For The Creative Continent

Jumpstart Africa: Crowdfunding For The Creative Continent

Europeans love crowdfunding. Rather than giving to established charities, we are choosing to invest our charity money into projects that are close to our hearts. Now, a new platform is being marketed which enables international investors the opportunity to back a diverse range of pan-African creative projects.

JumpStart Africa is a funding platform set up primarily for creative African projects such as films, games, and music, fashion, design, technology and craft. The platform is based in California, having been set up by a young Moroccan engineer to enable philanthropic individuals to back African creative projects internationally.

Jumpstart Africa works in exactly the same way as Kickstarter or Crowdfunder; the project creators break down precisely why they need the money, how it is intended to be spent and the ultimate financial goal they are aiming for. A deadline is chosen and each project is all-or-nothing. If they reach the deadline fully funded, each backer is charged for the pledge they have made. If not, none of the backers is charged. If a project is successfully funded, JumpStart Africa will apply a 10% fee.

What sets JumpStart Africa apart from Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, even the south African site Thunderfund, is its dedication to pan-African ideas. Potential investors already know that all projects on the site are intended to empower African entrepreneurs.

The site is already accepting projects. Nearly all features are similar to those found on already established sites. It’s seamless, pretty and the projects so far are an interesting mix. Take a look for yourself and get investing! Check out its video below.

photo credit: Jumpstart Africa / Indiegogo

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