How To Limit Crow’s Feet

How To Limit Crow’s Feet

“Crow’s feet” or ‘laughter lines’ around the eyes and on the forehead are a true, obvious sign of ageing. And for some, an annoying one they’d rather be rid of.  Here’s how to limit crow’s feet without surgery if you don’t believe they add wisdom to your face or are a trophy of a fab life!

The latest research on cadavers (dead people, folks) revealed why some people’s skin creases more than others. Apparently, it’s down to the oily glands we have just below the skin.

Differences in those oil-secreting glands have been the basis of a research study led by Yuichi Tamatsu, of Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences in Japan. The study results were published in the 1 July online edition of Clinical Anatomy.

Yuichi and his team found out that it appears that wrinkles on the face tend to be deeper where sebaceous glands are less concentrated — namely, the outer corners of the eyes.

The researchers looked at wrinkle depth, gland density, and dermal skin density in forehead and eye region skin samples from 58 Japanese cadavers. The ages ranged from 20s to 90s. They found that the more sebaceous glands present under the forehead-region skin, the shallower the wrinkles. There is also a lack of the same glands around the eyes, which could explain why wrinkles tend to be worse in this area than on the forehead.

So, how to limit wrinkles? We all know the key moves: a healthier lifestyle and drink more water!

Hydration is key as this is critical to skin metabolism, toxin processing, nutrient delivery and maintaining skin elasticity.

but sun protection, a healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep are all also important components in ensuring optimal skin metabolism, which manifests in attractive skin.

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