Check out these Xambino Dolls

Check out these Xambino Dolls

Multiculturalism isn’t just about accepting and integrating different cultures into our society – it’s about representing and appreciating them too. And helping our children to, from a young age. That’s why Planetfem loves these Xambino dolls.

 Xambino makes dolls which represent different nationalities and cultures from around the world. These dolls have a gorgeous array of skin tones, features and reflect world fashions too. They are beautiful.

Xambino says on its website, “We live in a word made up on many different cultures, and we believe that the toys we encourage our children to play with should reflect this.  We think that everybody is beautiful, and promote this through the toys we stock. By celebrating cultural and traditional differences, we provide easy access to dolls that are visually representative of a wider ethnic population.”

“Our collection of ethnic dolls is incomparable and includes a unique product range of multi-cultural dolls from around the globe to buy online. This means we have something for infants, children and collectors alike.”

Xambino has two lines -the Naija Princess and Ayee, an uber-cool rock princess with fashionable bling outfits including faux-fur coat and electric guitar. Naija Princess wears colourful native Nigerian bubba and wrapper. Prices start at a very reasonable £19.99. We hope that the brand considers representing other cultures in the future- Latin American and Asian dolls would be wonderful.

Regardless, we absolutely love them and think every school nursery should include these dolls in their play areas! Parents of all colours and backgrounds should make a point of introducing these dolls to their young children’s array of toys – it can only do good. An element of ignorant racism stems from fear – so, the sooner people are exposed to the beauty of ALL skin tones, the sooner we can stamp out that under-riding fear. And this begins at home, at school and in the media too. Xambino has got home and school covered, and we’re doing our best with the media bit! 🙂

photo credit: Xambino 


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