Brilliant Young Africans: Osine & Anesi Ikhianosime

Brilliant Young Africans: Osine & Anesi Ikhianosime

Necessity has been proven time and again to be the mother of invention and for brilliant young Africans, Nigerian brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime, this was certainly the case, though nature gave them a helping hand to do so!

Frustrated with the mobile browser speeds in their home city Lagos, they decided to build their own browser and Crocodile Browser Lite, as it is called, is so good, it’s available on Google Play for download right now!

“My name is Osine Ikhianosime and I am 13 years old. I am the co-developer of Crocodile Browser Lite. I write the code. My brother designs it,” Osine told TechCabal.

But Osine Ikhianosime is not like every other 13-year-old. Whilst Osine loves football and his friends, he also loves to code as a hobby. And his brother, Anesi designs user interfaces. Did we mention he is just 15?

And at the tender age of 7, Osine and his older brother, Anesi Ikhianosime, who was 9 at the time first came up with the idea of starting their own company which they called named Doors, a play on Microsoft’s “Windows”. Unfortunately, they found the name had already been taken so they changed it to BluDoors – a perfectly fine company name, especially for a technie company.

Osine learnt to code using sites like Code Academy, Code Avengers and read ‘Android for Game Development’ and ‘Games for Dummies’,”

Crocodile-Browser                User interface for Crocodile Browser

Crocodile Browser Lite is an android web browser which is specifically designed for feature and low-end phones because, according to them Google Chrome was too slow and they were ‘fed up with it’.

Osine and Anesi first put their browser on the Mobango app store and have now moved it to Google Play Store to try and reach a wider audience.It has been downloaded 100 to 500 currently and they do not have ads in the app yet but with internet and social media coverage picking up worldwide, we expect that figure to go stratosphere soon.

The brothers are still in Greensprings School, Anthony Campus, Lagos and acording to their Maths teacher mum, Mrs Ngozi Ikhianosime, all Osine has done since he learned to code at three-years-old is, well, code. She thanks the school for her son being able to learn and practice his obvious talent as it is lucky enough to have good computer and internet facilities, allowing Osine to practice in his spare time, though they both have laptops at home.

She says of Anesi, “After Anesi is through with his secondary school education, will attend A levels, after which he will go to MIT in Boston for his first degree, because the university has the facilities he needs to learn well.”

In the future, Anesi says that he wants to use his amazing skills to develop another app which can help to solve real social problems, such as traffic and communication.

What marvellous young Africans!

photo credit: Techcable

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