Brilliant Young Africans: Amarachi Uyanne

Brilliant Young Africans: Amarachi Uyanne

Brilliant Young Africans do not come much younger or more brilliant than Amarachi Uyanne, winner of the first Nigeria’s Got Talent with jaw-dropping, body-popping dance moves. Everyone who watched her progressing through the series knew they were watching true talent. This young lady was on course for a glittering career.

The 8-year old dancer is now sponsored by Vanguard Media Limited, one of the country’s biggest media companies, managed by her mother and looked after by a team from Airtel Nigeria.

Amarachi’s story began at the tender age of five when she first started dancing. She was taught by her mother and a dance teacher who realised she was born to dance. Her mother entered her for the reality TV show and Amarachi worked hard to win, saying she rehearsing Sasa and Breakdancing for almost one hour every day, waking up at 6.00am every morning. She also plays the piano and violin and her dedication to performing a variety of dance styles, both contemporary and traditional, has paid off, earning her ten million Naira, making her a household name and setting her on the path to commercial success.

So far, the young talent seems to be loving every minute of it, releasing three lively, toe-tapping, bum-shaking pop songs with choreography we wouldn’t even dream of attempting! And not only is she a wee superstar, she also has a big heart too. Amarachi has said in interviews that she will be using part of the money to support local orphans, to pay tithe in her church and, as she is the oldest daughter, she will fund her siblings education abroad.

Despite her mother’s obvious belief in her daughter’s talents, she told the press late of how shocked she was at her daughter winning the competition – she entered her to simply help get her daughter used to performing in front of a crowd and to learn to conquer stage fright!

Check out Amarachi’s latest video “Ova Sabi” with Nigerian superstar rapper, Phyno. Check out Amarachi’s final performance on Nigeria’s Got Talent, here (5:21)

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