Black Spiderman is Born!

Black Spiderman is Born!

Black Spiderman has arrived in the Marvel Universe to officially replace Peter Parker in the Spiderman comics.

Mile Morales, the new, black spider-man, is the teenage son of an African-American father and Puerto Rican mother and the first black character and second Latino to portray the iconic superhero.

Marvel announced Mile Morales in their new Spider-Men five issue landmark story and series from award-winning author Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers VS. X-Men, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man),illustrator Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) and acclaimed cover artist Jim Cheung (Avengers VS. X-Men). The series brought Peter Parker and Miles Morales together for the first time.

The upcoming Marvel film is being made to be released in 2017 and this recasting has raised hopes that perhaps a black actor will be used on the big screen in the not-too-distant-future. Surprisingly, a recent email leaked from the film’s production company said that the actor cast for the on screen Spider-man must be “Caucasian and heterosexual”.

Marvel also revealed a new female Thor and a black Captain America in 2014 in addition to a new, Muslim superhero, Ms Marvel.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, comic-book writer Brian Bendis who also co-created the new spider-man, Morales explained why the comic-book giant Marvel had decided it was time for more diversity in their comic-books. “Many kids of colour who when they were playing superheroes with their friends, their friends wouldn’t let them be Batman or Superman because they don’t look like those heroes, but they could be Spider-Man because anyone could be under that mask. But now it’s true. It’s meant a great deal to a great many people.”

story source: The Independent/ Comi Beat

photo source: Comic Beat

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