Bestow Elan, Brixton

Bestow Elan, Brixton

Bestow Elan is the label started by Erzumah Ackerson, a homegrown designer whose creations have spread like African wildfire across the international fashion scene.

Grown from her south London base in the heart of Brixton and created for the ‘discerning female’,  the designer won the 2011 BEFFTA Award for her classic/vintage combinations inspired by her Ghanaian heritage.

A trip through her website is certainly a feast  for the eyes and an assault on the wallet for it is colourful, full of expressive lines and cuts and is indeed a celebration of womanhood. Yes, as the website claims, the label is certainly stylish, feminine and chic and yes, it definitely encourages individuality. But, what is unique about Bestow Elan is the attention to detail she pays in each garment along with the material she uses. Buttons, ruffles, flaps and crossover cuts and a combination of Kente weave and Ankara print create designs for both daytime and evening wear. The end result is an almost collectable affair.

Ackerson began her fashion career by exhibiting her African-inspired designs in central London at Profile 4. She also assisted the printmaker Jonathan Saunders on his London Fashion Week debut. Her career took an international turn when she was asked to work on the Russian label KISA London Fashion Week collection.

Since then, BESTOW ELAN has participated in catwalk shows at the V&A museum, showcased at LA GENEVE NORTH at the grand Movida, and was reviewed and interviewed as part of Untold’s London Fashion Week – featuring on Africa’s largest TV network, Studio 53 and in interview for Clutch Magazine.

Our favourite is this elegant and eye-catching Khady print summer cape and toga skirt – a walking piece of art, no?

Khady Cap Shoulder Cape Top, approx. £75.77 at Bestow Elan.

Her latest collection, Glamour Dear Part II is sings ‘Miss Moneypenny 1966 has gone to Africa’ for us. There’s such sixties elegance in the long tapered waist skirts, high necks and calf-length fitted dresses, combined with the eponymous bright Ghanaian prints and colours Ackerson uses so well. This collection is classy, fun and could be worn by ‘every woman’. Big Up Bestow Elan!

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photo credit: Bestow Elan

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