Avocado Seeds Are Good For You!

Avocado Seeds Are Good For You!

Usually, avocado seeds go straight into the bin but did you know that you’ve been throwing away the best bit? The avocado seed has as many health benefits as the avocado itself!

According to a 2004 Journal of Food Chemistry, the avocado seeds are rich in antioxidants, soluble fibre, and a whole host of other goodies. In fact, they contain more fibre than any other food on the planet.

The seed of avocado is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes as it helps to reduce blood sugar levels, improves blood circulation, and helps to keep the arteries working efficiently.

So how to use it? Simple. Remove the stone and slice through the seed. It should be surprisingly easy to do simply by inserting the tip of your knife into it, and slicing hard. You can then put half a seed into your very high speed, durable blender with your fruit and vegetables. Be warned that as the seed is hard, it could damage less durable blenders.

You can also slice the seed then grill it or dry fry the slices to soften them before putting them into your blender.

Here is a fantastic recipe to make the most of your avocado seed. As the seed is very bitter in taste, it’s advisable to use stronger-flavoured vegetables and sweet fruits to hide it. Just remember, you’re consuming it for its amazing health benefits, not the taste!

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