Amazing African Faces And Fashion

Amazing African Faces And Fashion

African people and countries are both diverse and unforgettable in feature, culture and landscape. Photographer John Kenny spent a decade travelling around the continent capturing its many faces.

Kenny visited 13 countries between 2006 and 2013 taking photos of tribesmen and women in Namibia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mail, Angola, Niger, Togo and Burkina Faso. Kenny took his subjects indoors, out of context and photographed them against a stark black background.

Using tight frames, up close, the faces are fiercely proud, wise and honest. Kenny has turned his photos into a stunning book, ‘ Facing Africa’, which was released in 2013

Back in 2006, he said, ‘at the very start of my Africa journey, I was buzzing with energy having met people of real magnetism just days into my trip.’

He shot old, middle-aged, young people and children too. For example, the young Mumuhuila girl from Angola below. Like all the women in her tribe, she proudly wears colourful beads, shells and animal oils in her hair, woven tightly into its strands.

This girl is from the Wodaabe tribe and is pictured in Niger. They are traditionally nomadic cattle-herders and traders in the Sahel

A girl from the Oromo tribe in eastern Ethiopia wears a striking, sequined headscarf

This mother and child are from the Daasanach ethnic group in Ethiopia

This lady is also from the Nyangatom people

This girl from the Himba tribe in Namibia hasn't reached puberty yet so she is wearing two plaits

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