AFW15 Celebrates Iro & Buba

AFW15 Celebrates Iro & Buba

African Fashion Week is to be held in Nigeria on 23 and 24 May 2015 and this year in celebration of the evolution of Nigerian fashion, the AFW15 Ambassador Oreka Godis has launched an exciting competition in honour of the Iro and Buba, the most traditional Nigerian fashion style for women.

The Iro is a skirt made of traditional material which is wrapped around the body. It is also called the wrapper. The Buba is the top which is worn in matching material. Traditionally both were made from Ankara or embroidered lace but these days Nigerian fashion has been inspired by western fashion design and so the use of other materials like velvet, lace, silk and chiffon are common.

Over the years there have been many different styles in which to tie the Iro, the most modern style is called the ‘Tulip’.

AFW15 has launched the competition to showcase the Nigerian cultural heritage through fashion by asking for photos of the different styles across the decades to be submitted. The winning photograph will receive two tickets to the event plus tickets for the Gala night and after show party. They will also have their photo exhibited on Gala Night on 24th May amongst other fantastic prizes.

20 of the best images will be also exhibited at the ‘Evolution of Iro and Buba’ Exhibition and the selected image owners will be given tickets to the show.

  1. 2 VIP tickets to the Gala Night and After Show Party.
  2. Tickets to all the show.
  3. Fabrics Courtesy DaViva
  4. A Designer Outfit.
  5. Meet & Greet with our Brand Ambassador Oreka Godis.
To enter, simply send a photograph of you, or a family member wearing Iro and Buba, from any era or decade. You may submit as many as you like by emailing You can also post it on your Instagram or Twitter but you MUST hashtag #AFWN2015 #AFWNCONTEST #AfricaFashionWeekNigeriaFor further details check out: credit: AFW


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