African Women Stand Up To STEM The Flow

African Women Stand Up To STEM The Flow

Women are set to lead the way across Africa in the STEM fields. Thanks to the Visiola Foundationa, new cadre of young, female African leaders are being mentored into positions of excellence, ready to give the continent a step ahead in the industries that need to grow for real change to happen.



The Visiola Foundation aims to find and train the best STEM students (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by the present leaders in the field, creating a pipeline of talent which leads to the industries that Africa – and Nigeria especially, most needs this talent in order to stimulate continent-wide growth in terms of industry, manufacturing and science in order to push Nigeria ahead into the leading global economy is can become.

The Visiola Foundation supports female entrepreneurs and young talent, assisting them with cutting-edge technical skills so they can lead the way for Africa’s long-term socio-economic transformation, which, for those who see Africa as the land of the poor, is underfoot and a real, visible future.

Ladé Araba, founder and president of the Visiola Foundation is also the Technical Advisor to the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Honourable Minister of Finance of Nigeria. Majorly concerned with the statistic that women make up 49 percent of Nigeria’s citizens yet not the workplace, she also noted the huge gender divide that exists from the classroom right to the top of industry – we’re talking boardrooms, government and captains of industry. Women form half of the society, yet have a minimal presence in running it. So, she set up the Foundation to harness the untapped creativity and intellectual flair of disadvantaged young women right across Africa, especially, in these fields.

Read her article, ‘Change Is Education‘ here, in This is Africa.


Africa requires specialists with the minds to produce real innovation to tackle the continent’s important development challenges. Africa needs innovative thinkers to solve its problems of infrastructure, medicine and science, agriculture and architecture. Men have been running (and some might say, ruining) these industries for a long time to no avail and for a multitude of reasons. African needs its women to stand up and be counted.

photo credit: This is Africa/ Visiola Foundation 


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