African print styles – we heart it!

African print styles – we heart it!

African print styles. So much beauty and lots of choice available. If you’ve been looking for a great African prints and designs but haven’t found anything you like,then we’ve found a great online shop for you. The shop is called Zuvaa and was founded  by Kelechi Anyadiegwu who was featured during The BET – Black Entertainment Television Women’s History Month Commercial.

So  here are our 10 reasons why you should shop at Zuvaa and why you’ll love African print styles even more!

African print styles - we heart it!1 )  Dresses

The African print style dresses are to die for! Zuvaa have gorgeous dresses from body con to maxi or midi. The prints are very pretty and there is literally something for everyone. We loved that they variety on offer which to us translates as there being something for every-body. The prices varies from $40 to $200 US dollars. This particular dress is from the vendor Rahyma. You must take a look at their other creations too!




2)  Two piece sets African print styles - we heart it!

Suits or other kinds of two piece outfits – these African print style two piece sets are lovely, trendy , sexy and comfortable. We found that Zuvaa has 3 different types of two pieces available and we hope this list will be updated.

You can find two piece sets with shorts, skirts or pants. They are hand-made and have different types of crop tops. Some are more like tank tops whilst others more like a bralette. The two pieces are priced between $75 to $400 US dollars. Some are available as a set whilst other pieces are sold  two pieces separately. The vendor Asikere Afana has a some interesting accessories for men too.


African print styles - we heart it!3) Jackets

When you think of African print styles, well, jackets might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Which is why ts a great surprise to see so many different types of jackets, blazers, trench coats, sleeveless jacket, bomber jackets available on the site.  Seriously, we found A LOT of jackets and coats that you simply wouldn’t find in other shops. The African print styles they have are very colorful, vibrant and unique. In our opinion, the jackets can be worn casually or in a formal setting such for work. It should be quite easy to jazz the outfit up for a party too.





4) Tops African print styles - we heart it!

Are you looking for a bandeau, T-shirt, caftan or something else? Well, there isn’t a shortage of tops at Zuvaa either. I must say, the search alone was a very pleasant experience because if you’re looking for something truly different, combined with African print styles, you’ll certainly be able to find it. The vendor is Li Li and she makes great stuff!



 African print styles - we heart it!

5) Hats

And then you have hats and, who doesn’t like a beanie? If you love them, you’re yet again, at the right place. What makes these beanies very cool is the mix of plan or bold colors with the African print styles band that goes around your forehead. So much choice and a fun accessory to have in your closet on those colder or winter days! Tip: Having a bad hair day? Well, grab your beanie, cover your head and whilst hiding the hair you’ll look fab too!



6) Business outfits African print styles - we heart it!

It’s not just about color for fun. You can also find colorful business outfits that will rock any place of work. Zuvaa have a category where you can find all the work appropriate products. You’ll see everything from rings, necklaces, dresses etc. To be completely honest, we found business or work suitable outfits also within the dresses section and if you search for some of the designers in the site, you’ll also be able to find great dresses which will impress pretty much anyone at a meeting. Are you giving a presentation at any time soon? Then this dress is elegant, professional, summer and alive!


African print styles - we heart it! 7) Shoes (heels)

Who doesn’t like a pair of nice pumps? To really make your outfit complete you can even buy heels with African print styles on them. Just imagine a cracking black or white suit and these shoes underneath. You know you’re going to stand out a be apart from the rest. Powerful!



African print styles - we heart it!8) Men

Let us not forget the guys 😉 We discovered a lot of very cool items so if you’re looking for something  for your dad, brother, father or husband a little present you could even get him a tie or a Dashiki t-shirt. But it wasn’t just accessories we found. Zuvaa has some beautifully designed shirts for me too. Some were subtle with African print style details whilst others were full on with vibrant design like this waist-coat which we think would look amazing under a simple black suit.




9)African print styles - we heart it! Bracelets

Not a huge amount available on Zuvaa to be honest but that doesn’t take away from the what they do have across the board. The bracelets which we did see were either gold or very colorful which can be a nice addition to a more classic outfit.


10) African print styles - we heart it!Earrings

One word. Big! OK, two words Big Bold! We also found earrings witg African print styles and others which we beautiful and would definitely make a statement. The Zuvaa earrings are unique and you won’t see a lot of people wearing them. We don’t think this is a bad thing either but you will need to have the personality and the attitude to match and carry them. If you’re a flamboyant person or want to come across as open, friendly, social and not afraid of the world, then donning these pearls is just for you.The earrings we notices come in different shapes; some are a triangle, circle or even the shape of Africa.

Zuvaa has lots and we mean lots of African print styles throughout the site. It’s a real homage to amazing African fashion and design and we look forward to seeing more talent on the site this year!



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