African Music: The London Afrobeat Collective

African Music: The London Afrobeat Collective

London Afrobeat Collective (LAC) is an incendiary, politicised and energetic live Afrobeat act for those fans of the music who love their Afrobeat as close to Fela’s original ‘music weaponry’ as possible.

The 10-piece collective released their latest album, ‘Food Chain’ which came out in May and has been touted as without doubt the band’s best work to date as it stays true to the original Fela genre.

The line-up of this wicked band comes from all overt the world, from Fela’s Nigeria and even Iran whic makes for a global sound sharpened through constant gigging and captured in a self-titled debut album.

The band’s take on Fela’s original blueprint, pushing his original philosophy while bringing the style into 2015. Yet they manage to remain traditional for Afrobeat connoisseurs while bringing new fans to the genre with their modern injections of raw funk, latin and rock, back up by the bold brass and energising listeners to sweat it out on the dancefloor.

The collective kill the international festival scene every year, from Glastonbury to Secret Garden to Green Man and Shambala as well as some of London’s top live venue. You’ve got to catch them the next time they hit town, but until then, check out their latest self-produced album, ‘Food Chain’, here.  You can also buy any of the tracks from their website, supporting them directly, here. 

Check their addictive energetic performances out below where for the Blues Kitchen Sessions… live in Lagos Junction, Nigeria. Fela would have been PROUD!!!


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