African Music: Abramz (Uganda)

African Music: Abramz (Uganda)

Tekya “Abramz” Abraham better known as ‘Abramz’ has been at the top of the African music scene for over 20 years now and is considered to be Uganda’s best -if not, the country’s favourite – hip hop artist. The rapper and breakdancer has recently turned educator and motivational speaker, touring the world with his workshops and breakdance outfit, Tabu Flo.

Abramz is a member of Ugandan veteran socially-conscious hiphop duo (Sylvester & Abramz) and also a member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew (RSC). He has not only built a successful music career for himself but also dedicates time to guiding young, aspiring artists from deprived communities to use their talents in music and dance to bring about positive change. Abramz set up the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) through which he teaches young people to use hip-hop, dance, breakbeat and the visual arts to inspire, change and develop positive ideas and mentalities with the aim of creating a better, more harmonious society. This is where the dance outfit, Tabu Flo met.

Despite Tabu Flo finding internationally fame, they have remained loyal to BPU’s cause and still teach and perform for the country’s youth and develop hip-hop and dance in their local communities.

Check out Bangi, filmed in Rimini, Italy in 2013 by Matt Russell, an English director using local breakdancers and rappers. You can also listen to Abramz music and keep up to date with his news, here, on his website.

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