Beautiful African Jewellery

Beautiful African Jewellery

Do you like African jewellery but also want to support a grass-roots charity, helping children on to better lives?

Food For Thought Africa is a charity based in Northern Ireland which was established in 2007 by retired teacher Denise Kennedy and business partner, former solicitor Maeve Marnell. The women decided they wanted to invest their time  helping African children out of poverty through education and providing feeding programmes in schools and secondary school scholarships. 100% of the profits go directly to as Food For Thought Africa is an entirely voluntary organisation, so which promises they spend money on staff and work hard to keeping overheads to a minimum so your donations go directly to the programmes.

The website African Jewellery is their online charity jewellery store which sells gorgeous, ethically-made and sourced handmade jewellery, coming straight from the craftsperson and helping support indigenous enterprises across Africa. Best of all, 100% of the profit goes directly to Food For Thought to help feed and nurture children across Africa.


Feeding Programmes: FFT  is currently feeding more than 1,000 children every month in a nursery, primary and secondary school, provides much-needed nutrition to the children. FFT say on their website that the meals also act as an encouragement for the children to go to school –  increasing their prospects in life by giving them an education. If you buy some jewellery or donate as little as £1.50, this can feed a child for one month.

Scholarship Programme: Primary level education is free for children in Kenya, however, secondary education must be paid for. Many children miss out as a result. FFT set up a scholarship programme in the primary school from where they run their feeding programme and they have managed to extend it to schools throughout Nairobi. Each year, the best performing students have the opportunity to win a £500 scholarship to secondary school and they currently offer 40 children the opportunity.

The charity jewellery website even offers free delivery! Support them by buying something beautiful from here.

photo credit African Jewellery

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