African Jewellery: Joansu

African Jewellery: Joansu

African crafted jewellery is a must have right now. Using wax print fabric to create beautiful pieces is the latest trend in African jewellery-making and Joansu captures the beauty of the style in every collection.

Pronounced [jo-uhn-su] – ‘joa’ (from Adjoa) and ‘nsu’ (water; Akan), Joansu  was launched by Adjoa Acquah in 2011 and has been making international waves with her striking, timeless designs ever since. Each piece is handmade from precious metal, stones resin and the typical Ghanaian was textile called Ankara. Her designs are sold through Ateliers in London and Paris.

Joansu says each piece has been inspired by a memory and speaks of silent stories hidden behind ancient buildings she came across or uncovered in charming natural settings. She was also inspired by conversations she had with indigenous people on her travels. She said:

“My inspirations come from travel – each piece has a story and moment that gives birth to it. The Africanista Conversations collection is made using Ankara, which is hand picked by me, and then expertly cast in resin. Once this sets, it is polished to give each piece a high gloss finish.”

The bold yet intimate “Africanista Conversations” collection has been inspired, she tells Jacqueline Shaw at the Africa Fashion Guide, by conversations with strong, empowered  revolutionary women across Africa. The essence of each story and design has been captured and encased in clear resin to create a unique collection of modern glamorous jewellery that is feminine yet bold.

Joansu is a London based jewellery boutique with which sells globally online:
For further information, you can also contact the store directly via email or call and have a chat+44 203 150 0426
photos credit: Joansu

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