African Artists: Tracey Rose (SA)

African Artists: Tracey Rose (SA)

Tracey Rose is one of the contemporary artists of note on the African art scene which is characterised by a wide variety of multi-talented artists who use their art to not only interpret and portray modern Africa and African history, but also to challenge perceptions, politics and even traditions. African art has a diverse conceptual beauty, beyond aesthetics and Tracey Rose is one of the modern art heroes, using her talents to speak to the world.

Not only a contemporary multimedia artist, Tracey is also a fearless feminist, well-known for her brave yet provocative narrative-less performances, photography and video installations. Tracey challenges perceptions and opinions of identity, sexuality, race and gender. ” I don’t have the answers. I am just asking questions,” she says. Coming from a multicultural background, and being young, still only just forty, (born in 1974) she combines modern culture with historical notions and traditions, illustrative the disparities in modern South African life. “Do I think people find my work shocking or sacrilegious? Yes. How can you make pretty art when there is so much shit in the world?”

Tracey has showcased her work in solo exhibitions in South Africa and also in Europe and the USA. She has even participated in a number of international events, including the revered Venice Biennale. 

” Waiting for God”

“Making work is a documentation of a journey – each stage, each process, each dilemma has to be worked through. At one time I felt pressured to do a lot of things at the same time, but now I want to take one step at a time. When you make an artwork you’re not just doing something at that moment, you’re contributing to an entire history of artmaking.”

And that alone is why the world should take a closer view of Tracey’s art which always has something to say worth listening to.

story source: The Culture Trip/Wikipedia/Mail and Guardian on South African Artists
photo credit: Mail and Guardian/

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