8 Every day beauty tips for POC (people of color)


Dark skin: ebony, toffee, caramel and more. Dark skinned people are blessed with flawless skin that never seems to age. And there are extra bonusses. Darker skin tends to have a natural sun protection. This doesn’t mean that dark skin doesn’t burn, but it does mean that darker skinned people can enjoy the benefits of the sun longer than lighter skinned people.

Let’s talk about beauty

Dark skin has so many advantages in terms of make-up. The color spectrum that can be used is huge!! Which is why we’ve made a video article with 8 Everyday beauty tips for dark skinned beauties.

Don’t fancy watching the video? No worries, we’ve made a list for your here as well:


  • 1 – Always, always moisturize
    All skin should be well moisturized and this applies to dark skin as well. After washing your face, apply a light moisturizer to your skin to keep it glowing throughout the day
  • 2 – Watch those UV rays!
    Dark skin can get damaged from the sun too. Even though dark skin has more natural sun protection this doesn’t mean the skin doesn’t burn. Choose the best sun protection according to your skin tone. Tip: Many foundations also have a sun protection factor, so look out for these!
  • 3 – Use foundation to equalize
    Foundation is really just a base layer added to your face in preparation for other make-up. Using foundation is really about equalizing and not to change skin color. Therefore, foundations should be selected to match your skin tone as much as possible. If you can’t find a foundation to match your skin tone then go ahead and mix different foundation tones together. The closer the foundation is to your skin tone, the more natural and beautiful you look.
  • 4 – Brighten those eyes with concealer
    No one likes having dark circles under their eyes but it’s the one problem area we all suffer from. Thankfully, there’s a way to hide them. Simply use an under eye concealer and apply gently with a sponge. Leave for a few moments before covering with foundation.
  • 5 – Sparkle those cheeks!
    Bronzers are great and really add sparkle to you face but don’t go over the top! The best way to use bronzer is to add it to certain parts of your face, such as your cheeks. Its smart to choose a bronzer that is a few shades darker than your skin tone too.
  • 6 – The right kind of brush
    Use a wide foundation brush when using bronzers or blushes. When it comes to applying foundation then softer smaller brushes are more suitable.
  • 7 – Oh… those eyes
    Who doesn’t love eye-shadow? We all do and dark skin is lucky to be the tone that can handle just about any color. Use eyeshadow with an eyeliner to create definition. Decide if you want to be loud and vibrant with pinks, blues and greens or go for a more subtle sophisicated looked with browns, reds and golds. It’s all good!
  • 8 – Love those lips
    Dark skin comes in all tones and tints which means you can explore the entire palette of lipstick colors whenever you fancy. If you have a caramel tone to your skin then you can pretty much use the entire scale, including yellow! If your skin tone is darker, then lipstick colors in same tone range work best. A little bit of gloss can add a touch of shine but don’t go over the top with it.

    Stay beautiful but choosing the right make-up for you!

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